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"Study Guide - Cisco - CCNA - CCNA Notes - Full and Half-Duplex Ethernet Operation"

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Part II: The Approach
These chapters show how to fulfill an entire project life cycle illustrated with a
case study. We describe each task with the roles, responsibilities, and the
techniques to apply it. We group tasks by activity and group activities by
iterative phases. Within each phase, we explain the depth of modeling required
before moving on to the next. We separate each of the five phases of the
approach into its own chapter. The general structure of each task begins with
the roles and their participation, followed by relevant technique-oriented
discussion. Additionally, we provide a case study component to illustrate each
Chapter 3: Chart Solution
The Chart Solution chapter describes how to assess the business problem, set
the project scope using object modeling, identify requirements, and plan the
project strategy. We present how to frame the business situation with modeling
to lay groundwork for the solution.
Chapter 4: Structure Solution
The Structure Solution chapter describes how to refine object models to
understand the work required for building a solution. We suggest ways to
segment the solution to produce subsystems in parallel and build from the core
outward. We describe how to detail the project plan for iterative and
incremental development.
Chapter 5: Build Solution
The Build Solution chapter describes how to finalize object models for
application creation through iteration. We discuss steps for building the
various solution deliverables including the application, the database, the
documentation, and the training materials.
Chapter 6: Integrate Solution
The Integrate Solution chapter describes how to merge multiple subsystems
developed in parallel with the current released version of the solution.
Chapter 7: Implement Solution
The Implement Solution chapter describes how to deploy the solution for
version release and obtain confirmation of a completed solution.
The Conclusion summarizes the topics presented in the book and suggests
ways to adopt the approach in your enterprise.
Deliverables Glossary
The Deliverables Glossary provides descriptions of all the deliverables
identified in the approach

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Creating the Quiz Machine Program

The quiz tool from the beginning of this chapter is actually an entire system of programs designed to work together, in this case, five different programs Each quiz is stored in two separate files, which are automatically generated by the programs. Figure 6.11 is a flow diagram that illustrates how the various programs fit together.

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Figure 6.11: This diagram illustrates a user's movement through the quiz machine system.

The QuizMachine.php program is the entry point into the system for both the test administrator and the person who will be taking the quiz. It essentially consists of three forms that allow access to the other parts of the program. To ensure a minimal level of security, all other programs in the system require some sort of password access. The QuizMachine program primarily serves as a gateway to the other parts of the system. If the user has administrative access (determined by a password), he or she can select an exam and call the editQuiz.php page. This page loads up the actual master file of the quiz (if it already exists) or sets up a prototype quiz, and places the quiz data in a Web page as a simple editor. The editQuiz program calls the writeQuiz.php program, which takes the results of the editQuiz form, and writes it to a master test file as well as an HTML page.

If the user wants to take a quiz, the system moves to the takeQuiz.php page, which checks the user's password and presents the quiz if authorized. When the user indicates he or she is finished, the gradeQuiz.php program grades the quiz and stores the result in a text file.

Finally, the administrator can examine the log files resulting from any of the quizzes by indicating a quiz from the QuizMachine page. The showLog.php program will display the appropriate log file.

Building the QuizMachine.php Control Page

The heart of the quiz system is the quizMachine.php page. This is the only page that the user will enter directly. All the other parts of the system will be called from this page or from one of the pages it calls. The purpose of this page is to act as a control panel. It consists of three parts, corresponding to the three primary jobs that can be done with this system: Writing or editing quizzes, taking quizzes, and analyzing the results of quizzes. In each of these cases, the user will have a particular quiz in mind, so the control panel automatically provides a list of appropriate files in each segment. Also, each of these tasks requires a password, to provide at least some level of security.

The main part of the QuizMachine.php program simply sets up the opening HTML and calls a series of functions, which will actually do all the real work.

Robin Bain on MySpace

On her MySpace page, actress Robin Bain describes herself as a budding writer and director of short films that are screened at film festivals around the world, including Paper Doll and Run Fatboy Run. Her latest project, Robot Chicken, aired last night on the Cartoon Network and featured the actress as a live action character.

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Ryan Reynolds

"The Insider" has learned that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot on Saturday in Canada, according to a source. The star couple reportedly exchanged vows at a picturesque resort outside of Vancouver.

Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police video

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Rip Girls Pictures

Disney Channel Movie: Rip Girls

Bugsy Siege Images & Videos

Las Vegas History - Bugsy Siegel and the Mob arrive - Gangster

Fooly Cooly Cartoons Pictures

Fooly Cooly Cartoons Pictures

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transitive verb Video

transitive verb Video

Citizens Against Government Waste watch Videos

Citizens Against Government Waste is a A private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters to eliminate waste, mismanagement by the Government. In other words it is the America's Number 1 taxpayer watchdog.

Indus River Video

Being powerful does not make us immune to the fact that we do, ultimately, depend on Earth systems for nutrition, survival, and meaning. We should be cognisant of the incredible complexity of the natural systems we are attempting to produce

The main rivers of Pakistan, the Indus River and its tributaries, have been intertwined with the region’s economy, geography, and identity since time immemorial. This river has been shaping life directly for over 4000 years, by way of annual flooding, and since the second half of the 19th century has fed the largest contiguous irrigation system in the world.